Buying Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp From Online Stores

One of the challenges many people face is choosing where to buy CBD rich oil for the first time. While there are offline options where you can buy CBD rich oil, it’s easier to get one from an online store. At Dozil Organics, we stock only lab-tested and top quality CBD products made from domestic or imported industrial hemp. Our CBD products stand out as a good source of health support for kids, adults, and even pets.

We present our Buyer’s Guide, which will detail everything and guide you when you want to make a purchase, most probably from us at Dozil Organics.

At Dozil Organics, we prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to educating others to make them take the best decisions when it comes to choosing CBD supplements. We don’t just sell our products and let you go. Instead, we always stand by you and are ready to help if you do not love what you bought.

Facts About CBD Oil. You Should Know These!

  • CBD Rich Hemp Oils can be purchased without a medical marijuana card or doctor’s prescription. All the products we sell are made from imported or legally grown domestic industrial hemp.
  • The United States legalized CBD federally. Likewise, it’s legal across many other countries of the world. You can buy CBD products online, as well as take Cannabidiol in any states in the US.
  • CBD doesn’t make you high; it’s not psychoactive.

For better convenience on the side of our readers, we’ve grouped this guide into different sections. Let’s get started!

Who Is Eligible To Consume CBD?

It’s good to know that any cannabinoid meant to be ingested, including CBD, is a food supplement. Just like every other vitamin or food supplement, it’s best to take them in line with doctor’s prescription, especially when you’re already taking some medications. The truth is that we’re not physicians, and we cannot diagnose or treat any ailment and its symptoms. However, pregnant women or lactating mothers are not advised to ingest CBD as there is no clear information of the possible effects CBD intake could have on the child. Consequently, all mammals can benefit from CBD because we have endocannabinoid system that even works better with the help of cannabinoids from CBD.

Varieties of CBD Product and Serving Quantities

CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, can be ingested in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

CBD Rich Hemp Raw Oil Extracts

This is obtained from the hemp plant and serves as the basic ingredient for many other cannabinoid products. It can also be bought and ingested directly if you want to cut down cost per serving or avoid other ingredients.

Hemp oil can be extracted in many ways. However, we advocate users go for products undergo CO2 extraction process because other methods of extraction leave behind, chemical residues. These oils are often sold in syringes so users can ingest small quantity at a time.

Decarboxylated (Blue) – Decarb is a slang used to indicate “heated.” To achieve this, the raw paste is made to heat, and some matters are filtered to give a strengthened CBD. Though it remains a paste, it becomes lighter in color and thinner. Its serving size is more like the raw version.

Raw (Green) – This gives a feeling of consuming raw CBD plant. It’s often a thick paste that contains plant terpenes, cannabinoids and other plant matters. It’s serving is about 1-2 grain size (rice) daily. It has a “hempy” (earthy) taste.

Filtered (Gold) – This stands out as the oil extract that undergoes the highest processing methods. It has a high CBD concentration as other plant matters are filtered. Filtered Oil Extract has a gel texture and has a peppery taste with gold color. It has a daily serving of 1-2 rice grain size daily or in line with a physician’s direction.

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures begin with raw oil but are more toothsome. The base oil is needed to incorporate carrier oil and emulsifiers, as well as flavoring. They are packed in a spray or dropper package to make it easy for use, and in some cases, they contain sweeteners. If you don’t really like hempy flavors, this is a good supplement and option for your daily consumption. While some flavors like vanilla, complements the hemp flavor, others like orange and spearmint mask it completely.

Edible CBD

One of the basic ingredients of edibles is decarb or raw oil. It can come in the form of chocolates, gummies, candy, or even coffee. This is a smart way to incorporate cannabinoids in delicious consumables. However, they are not a very pocket-friendly way of introducing cannabinoids into your body system to boost your overall wellness and health daily.

CBD E-Liquid

Research points out that getting CBD into the body via the pulmonary system makes it work faster. E-liquids allow the intake of cannabinoids through the pulmonary system. E-liquids start with chrystallized CBD called Isolate or raw oil, after which flavors and carrier are added. Carriers are often a blend of propylene glycol or MCT with vegetable glycerine. All these liquids are odorless, but give off inhalable vapor when heated. None of our E-liquids has nicotine.

Hemp Topicals/CBD

Cannabinoids are also used for proper skin care. While raw oils can be applied on the skin directly, some specially formulated topical that contain carrier compounds, as well as other ingredients, cause cannabinoids to penetrate the skin faster. These topical causes smoother texture and have a great scent.

CBD for Pets

Hemp oil doesn’t just offer benefits to humans; pets are also included in the list. Many homes and pet enthusiasts/owners have employed hemp oil and CBD products to alleviate anxiety, pain, stress, and other symptoms in pets.

CBD Brands

Many CBD brands exist. We stock products from brands that are reliable and put their products under thorough lab tests. We ensure that our products offer all the right things CBD products have to offer, and the not-so-good things are not inclusive. So, we opt for brands that care about their customers.